The Director Database

The Director Database. A complete listing of company directors in the United Kingdom.

The Director Database

The Director Database is a complete list of all the company officers registered at Companies House in the UK. The database is updated daily with any changes to the company officers registered at companies house. Each company officer is listed on their own page, along with details of which companies they are currently officers of, which companies they were previously officers of and what the values of those companies are. A historical graph of value over time is also available.

Company directors in the United Kingdom are appointed to run a company by the company's shareholders. They are responsible for making the company a success and must follow the companies' memorandum and articles of association, which are available from Companies House. Directors are responsible for maintaining the company's records in an orderly fashion and ensuring that these comply with all the regulations that are in force at the time. Directors need to ensure that accounts are submitted for the company and that these are a true and fair reflection of the company's financial position. They need to ensure that all tax is paid on time to the correct authorities. They also need to ensure that they personally register and submit personal self assessment tax returns.

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